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hey hey hey. hey hello there

hi hey hello friend!!!


ayyyyyyyy Grace you did the thing

2006 | 2014

On April 14th 2008 Grace uploaded her first daily vlog. One channel change and 6 years later she’s still going strong  -Happy 6 year anniversary Grace! Here’s to year 7!


dan and phil & mamrie and grace hugs.

just to clear things up, even though i reblogged a post that might have suggested it, i don’t think that there are lots of cliques forming in this fandom. absolutely everyone i’ve spoken to in this fandom is lovely, honestly, it’s a pleasure to be in such a nice fandom. it doesn’t bother me at all that there are a few friendship groups, which happens in every fandom! obviously it may seem a little daunting talking to a group of people who are already friends but you’ll never be able to avoid those situations :) 

can we talk about how amazing grace looked today

How is this even remotely fair?


Grace’s most important message to us